Integrates with legacy PBX

Hello All,

I am trying to integrate my AsteriskNow 1.7.1 + FreePBX with our legacy PBX systems (NEC NEAX series),
I bought TDM400P (2FXO, 2FXS)…

I plugged in extension wire from (old PBX) into FXO Port and had configured outbound rules: 7|XXX for call the extensions of old PBX systems…

it does not work…

please help

Thanks & Regards

Please, provide more info about configuration of FreePBX. It can be error in any step of configuration, incl. NEAX.

my DAHDi config:

FXO Ports 1,2 -> Kewl Start -> Group 1 -> Context: from-zaptel
FXS Ports 3,4 -> Kwel Start -> Group 2

I have 2 zap trunks 1 & 2

Outbound routes:

Dial Patterns: 7|XXX
Trunk Sequence: ZAP/2

Dial Patterns: 9|.
Trunk Sequence: ZAP/1

what I missed?

thanks & regards