Installing Dahdi without connection


I’m new in asterisk, and I have a question: ¿How can I install dahdi without having a internet connection, if when i’m installing, tries to download another files like:

Attempting to download dahdi-fwload-vpmadt032-1.25.0.tar.gz
–2010-10-09 15:22:20-- … i-fwload….

How should I proceed??? What another packages I have to install (and how to?)

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

Rafael Triviño

i searched for this issue as well, it seems both asterisk and dahdi does not have a complete download package anymore, this is very strange. dahdi does not install.
like now the asterisk download servers are down, so installation wil always fail…

you can download the firmware and manualy put them in de firmware folder then install.

if the servers are online… hmm it seams this is not the first time servers are down