Installing codecs

Hi all. I’ve looked for topic about installation of codecs. I’d like to know where I can find codecs to download and how I install it. Thanks.

What is your goal exactly? Is there a specific codec you are looking for? The Asterisk installation process (make && make install ) will install all of the commonly used codecs. g711u, g711a, gsm, etc… Please try to be more specific with your question.


In fact, I’m not sure which codecs my asterisk have installed. I tried use a ATA with G723 but it return me a error messenge that I don’t remember. Probably it isn’t installed, or not configured. I’m newer in this world. How can I know which codecs I have installed and where can I find G723, if it isn’t installed? Thanks!

Open the asterisk console. (asterisk -vvvvgc or asterisk -r if asterisk is already running in background ). Type ‘show codecs’. That should print this list below. As far as I understand this is pretty standard across Asterisk.

   INT    BINARY        HEX   TYPE    NAME   DESC

      1 (1 <<  0)      (0x1)  audio    g723   (G.723.1)
      2 (1 <<  1)      (0x2)  audio     gsm   (GSM)
      4 (1 <<  2)      (0x4)  audio    ulaw   (G.711 u-law)
      8 (1 <<  3)      (0x8)  audio    alaw   (G.711 A-law)
     16 (1 <<  4)     (0x10)  audio    g726   (G.726)
     32 (1 <<  5)     (0x20)  audio   adpcm   (ADPCM)
     64 (1 <<  6)     (0x40)  audio    slin   (16 bit Signed Linear PCM)
    128 (1 <<  7)     (0x80)  audio   lpc10   (LPC10)
    256 (1 <<  8)    (0x100)  audio    g729   (G.729A)
    512 (1 <<  9)    (0x200)  audio   speex   (SpeeX)
   1024 (1 << 10)    (0x400)  audio    ilbc   (iLBC)
  65536 (1 << 16)  (0x10000)  image    jpeg   (JPEG image)
 131072 (1 << 17)  (0x20000)  image     png   (PNG image)
 262144 (1 << 18)  (0x40000)  video    h261   (H.261 Video)
 524288 (1 << 19)  (0x80000)  video    h263   (H.263 Video)
1048576 (1 << 20) (0x100000)  video   h263p   (H.263+ Video)

Perhaps if you describe your setup and what you are trying to do a little more in depth, someone on the list can help you more.


Hello everybody,

I’d like to use the g722 codec with Asterisk. Has someone already used it? Is there a project about it ?

Thanks for all usefull contribution.


You can have a try on G.722 codec from . It is totally free for evaluation version and it is very easy to use.