Install IPv6 Asterisk

Hi all,
I need to install IPv6 Asterisk, but I don’t know what will i do?
Anybody knows about this? Please help me
Many thanks,


You don’t install it in Asterisk, if Asterisk is to make use of it, the underlying networking stack has to support it and you have to have IPv6 connectivity. As far as Asterisk is concerned, it only supports IPv6 for SIP, beginning with Asterisk 1.8.


Hi malcolmd,
I understand what you say. but, I use Free PBX Distro. I don’t know it works with IPv6 or not.
Anyway, I must set up Linux and then continue to install Asterisk 1.8 by package?
for IPv6 asterisk, can I install AsteriskNow or FreePBX?
Please clarify this issue

Unless your packager has explicitly disabled IPv6, then it’s probably enabled by your underlying distribution.

What’s important is that Asterisk is at version 1.8, not your version of AsteriskNOW or FreePBX distro; though I have no idea if FreePBX has anything that cares about IPv4 vs. IPv6.

Thanks malcolmd,
Yes, I use Free PBX distro version 1.8 by “core show version” command. and FreePBX GUI.
I can set IPv6 address in eth0, and access GUI via IPv6 address (http://[IPv6]:8080).
Ping IPv6 address is ok.
I’m not sure it works or not. So, I need your experience to sure this version works.
or I must install asterisk by Package on Linux.

If the version returned by “core show version” from the Asterisk CLI is 1.8.something, then it’s capable of IPv6 for SIP connectivity.

Hi malcolmd,
thanks for your help
yes, I set one IPv6 address on eth0 port.
when using X-lite 4, I can’t register to Asterisk via IPv6.
in case, what should i do?
-extension is configure in GUI => can’t register via IPv6.
-x-lite 4 doesn’t support IPv6, Please give me your softphone which is capable IPv6
-add, edit extension dedicated IPv6 via Sip.conf & extensions.conf. i don’t know. please help me this problem