Install card TDM22B and B410P

I try to install this cards and not work.

First time I use Trixbox system, but not work.

Now I try installing CentOS 4.4 and then download and compile asterisk and zaptel …etc…
But no work.

The first I try to compile zaptel and say me this error:

[root@localhost zaptel-1.2.11]# pwd
[root@localhost zaptel-1.2.11]# make linux26
cc march=
cc: march=: No existe el fichero o el directorio
cc: no hay ficheros de entrada
make: *** [gendigits.o] Error 1

What can solve ?
Now I have a clean installation of CentOS 4.4 with all updates.
I download all stable version of files in and descompress in /usr/src/ directory


It doesn’t look like you have the package “cc” installed on your system. You will probably also need “gcc”.