Initiate incoming call


I wanted to know what the configuration needed to handle and receive incoming call on Asterisk .
what extension I should use to capture incoming call with DID.

I should use ‘s’ or i may use anything with exten=>… in extensions.conf file

Please help me to make this test with Asterisk.


You need to use the same extension number in Asterisk dialplan as is the user part of the Request URI of the incoming SIP Invite message. If you don’t know what that is, just log in Asterisk CLI, beef up verbosity to 3 or more and make an incoming call. The output should be self-explanatory.

Hi ,
I have tried to make extensions.conf but it is showing error in CLI :

NOTICE[5521]: chan_sip.c:15566 handle_request_invite: Call from ‘voip’ to extension ‘voip’ rejected because extension not found.

Apparently your extension needs to be set to “voip” (without the “”).

Show me the sip.conf and extensions.conf parts of your configuration. Don’t forget to include the context part of the extensions.conf config.

Thanks for your suggestion now I am able to transfer the incoming call to a SIP phone.