Inheriting DefaultAgiServer loses the FastAGI mapping


I’m working on an Asterisk system with Asterisk-Java, and I want the final app to integrate the AGI server so I don’t have to run two different daemons (only have one with multiple threads).

So what I did before was having on one side an AGI server that I ran simply with java asterisk-java.jar and on the other side my main app.

What I tried to do is simply creating a new LocalAgiServer class that simply inherits the DefaultAgiServer and runs it in a separate thread, using an AgiServerThread.

But when I run my Java app, I get the following error:

SEVERE: No script configured for URL ‘agi://localhost/alertcall.agi’ (script ‘alertcall.agi’)

I didn’t get it by running the DefaultAgiServer on its own side.

Note: I did put the right classpath using the -cp option for Java.

Please suggest,