Incorrect contact ID

I am currently using asterisk 11.16.0 and I can’t seem to receive a correct contact ID from my alarm panel. For example: A honeywell panel with event code 162 is received like this:
AAAA 18 1 1 01 005 5
Account number, Partition (01) and Zone (005) are correct. But the event code seems to be missing 2 digits
AAAA 18 1 1(62) 01 005 5 - Seems correct because the checksum of 5 is correct.

So what could be some reasons why the event code is not being received properly? Timing perhaps?

I have confirmed with central station that the panel is working and Raw data looks something like this:
C1 162 G 01 Z 005

Any Ideas?

Asterisk’s app_alarmreceiver only supports so many formats from different alarm panels. If it detected a format that it understands, you would see the following VERBOSE 4 message:

		ast_verb(4, "AlarmMonitoring: Detected format %s.\n", signalling_type);

Did you see that particular message? If so, which type was it?

If not, Asterisk will probably have a difficult time knowing what to do with the messages it is getting from the panel.

I did not see this message and I can’t find it in app_alarmreceiver. Was it added in the newer versions after 11.16?

It was added in this commit:

commit 8b34dc8192c833c508cc10ad18ee61db73292ce6
Author: Pedro Kiefer <>
Date:   Wed Oct 17 19:02:46 2012 +0000

    Adds new formats to app_alarmreceiver, ALAW calls support and enhanced protection.
    Commiting this on behalf of Kaloyan Kovachev (license 5506).
    AlarmReceiver now supports the following DTMF signaling types:
     - ContactId
     - 4x1
     - 4x2
     - High Speed
     - Super Fast
    We are also auto-detecting which signaling is being received. So support for
    those protocols should work out-the-box. Correctly identify ALAW / ULAW calls.
    Some enhanced protection for broken panels and malicious callers where added.
    (closes issue ASTERISK-20289)
    Reported by: Kaloyan Kovachev
    git-svn-id: 65c4cc65-6c06-0410-ace0-fbb531ad65f3

That was actually after the feature freeze cut-off for Asterisk 11 (which would have been in July of 2012), so… yeah. Sorry about that :disappointed:

Since that patch did add some more AlarmReceiver formats, you may have better luck getting your alarm panel to be detected in Asterisk 13+.

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