Incomming fax on zaptel with HPEC freeze the computer

When a fax is coming with the disable echo option in the zaptel configuration, all the services in the makine stops (asterisk, http, ssh, etc.). I notice this problem with the first version of HPEC, but I decide is a hardware problem and discard it.

Now I have a new server, pentium with dual processor, and only 3 FXO. Last week the system goes down and the only message before is the disable tone for fax.

Is anyone detects the same problem.

I disable the echo canceler option en zaptel and wait for results.



We have been able to duplicate the issue with the older revision of HPEC, 8.20.

However, when using the 9.00.003 build, available from:
We were not able to duplicate the issue.

Are you confident that you are indeed using Zaptel compiled against the latest release of HPEC?