Incoming SIP call, outgoing SIP registration. PJSIP


Got problems with incoming SIP calls.


Server1: 3cx or any other server

Server2: Asterisk 16.2.1 . PJPROJECT 2.8

Server2 registers on Server1 with SIP ID 1121.

Registration is OK.

Server2 outgoing calls are OK.

INVITE, unauthorized, INVITE with password, OK, RINGING,…

Troubles with incoming calls / incoming INVITE’s .

I can not identify endpoint by IP, I have multiple registrations on the same Server1.

As far as I understood, res_pjsip_endpoint_identifier_user match endpoint by “From” header, so it will not match also.

match_headers also seems useless (not able to match “INVITE” string, just headers like “TO:”).

Is there any way to match incoming INVITE calls ? (also OPTIONS, NOTIFY, … packets)

It should be a typical scenario, but it does not work…

Is there any way to make it working ?
pjsip.txt (878 Bytes)

Copy/pasting from mailing list response:

Outbound registration provides the line option[1] which can be used to differentiate traffic in regards to different outbound registrations. It requires the remote server to adhere to the SIP RFC and report back some data we give in our Contact, so you have to test it and see if it works.


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