Incoming calls .. no response on the asterisk

I am making calls to the DID number provided by the SIP provider and i am hearing an ivr “the dialed exchange code is invalid”. So, i reached out to my provider and he says that he is seeing the calls and getting dropped because the asterisk is not accepting.

On the asterisk side, i am seeing nothing. Not on the asterisk log, nothing on the trace etc. What am i doing wrong to not accept the incoming calls?

Show us a SIP packet capture of the incoming INVITE from your provider, and
Asterisk’s response.


That is the issue. I am not seeing anything on the asterisk side. Their INVITE is not seen on the asterisk. But, we are directly connected via a private LAN. Asterisk IP is and the Provider side SBC ip is

We tested outgoing calls and are successful. What could be it ? Provider says that we are not accepting it. But, i am not seeing anything. Even did a wireshark capture on the src ip as and nothing is seen.


Check that you are registered the right contact address.

If you have, you need to find where the request is getting lost.

I don’t register and that is how the outgoing calls are going to their SBC. Maybe they authorize by the ip? So, for incoming calls also, shouldn’t that be the same way? we are connecting our asterisk server to their sbc direct. They gave us the ip to configure on the asterisk.

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