Include PHP file

Hi all,

I have my own billing system with freeradius which is running for our customers. and i wanted to integrate Callback system with our Billing System. So if i am going to use AstBill or any others billing system i cannot make connection to my real billing system.

For this i start to work with Asterisk and PHP to work with my old database. First as i am begner in Asterisk i wanted to ask how i can include PHP file and retrive the value from PHP variable into sip.conf or extentions.conf.

for the example in following example to send max calling time, if i want to take this time value from php variable how i can define into Dial format, is this configuration will work?

#include myphp.php
Dial(“SIP/70103-dc7a”, “SIP/70108|30|tTL($phpvar:$phpvar1:$phpvar2)|20”)

You could create an Agi/PHP script that sets a variable when called in your dialplan.


I already install the agiphp from the following steps, i want to be sure, is my agiphp installation is correct or not.

i copied all following files into
/var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin folder

dtmf.php ;For test

i crated one extention

exten => 111,1,agi(dtmf.php)

These are all modification which i did for phpagi, Is another configurations need to be done to work properly?

When i am dialing this 111 extentions i am getting the error:

Nov 21 06:44:30 WARNING[8266]: Timeout, but no rule ‘t’ in context ‘ppp’

i will be very thank full if anyone can help me.

abdulzu, working together we could probably get this to work but at the end of the day you will be better off engineering this with Asterisk 1.2/Realtime