Inbound from FWD to SIP phones shows busy


I have just finsihed adding a FWD inboud to my dialplan. I have a Handytone 386 2 line DTA configured as ext 30 and 31. When a call comes in I have the following in my dialplan:

exten => ${FWDNUMBER},1,Dial(Sip/30|30)
exten => ${FWDNUMBER},2,Dial(Sip/31|30)
exten => ${FWDNUMBER},3,Voicemail(u30)
exten => ${FWDNUMBER},103,Voicemail(b30)

The behavior I would expect is that when a call comes it and ext 30 is busy it would ring on ext 31. What I am seeing is that when ext 30 is not busy the call is treated as if ext 30 is busy and it rings on 31. Here is a snip from my log file:

-- Executing Dial("IAX2/", "Sip/30|30") in new stack
-- Called 30
-- Got SIP response 486 "Busy" back from
-- SIP/30-7b86 is busy

== Everyone is busy/congested at this time (1:1/0/0)
– Executing Dial(“IAX2/”, “Sip/31|30”) in new stack
– Called 31
– IAX2/ is ringing
– SIP/31-893c is ringing

I don’t know how it got a busy back when the phone wasn’t being used. I use the same login for a Zap call coming in and it works fine.

Any suggestions? Did I miss something when working with a inbound IAX line?



Well just by playing around with the extensions file I found a solution. I put a Answer statement and a wait 1 second then the lines worked fine. Here is the code:

exten => ${FWDNUMBER},1,Answer()
exten => ${FWDNUMBER},2,Wait,1
exten => ${FWDNUMBER},3,Dial(Sip/30|30)
exten => ${FWDNUMBER},4,Dial(Sip/31|30)
exten => ${FWDNUMBER},5,Voicemail(u30)
exten => ${FWDNUMBER},105,Voicemail(b30)