Inbound Ext > Ext pause, unpause call recoding issue

Hello, I am trying to set up the unpause, pause call recording feature.

Currently, I have this working in 2 out of 3 scenarios.

Scenario 1
Mobile calls into an extension. [This works]

exten => calleehandler,n,Set(__DYNAMIC_FEATURES=pauseMonitorIn#unpauseMonitorIn) ; Enable Call recording Pause/Unpause features

Scenario 2
Extenion calls a mobile. [This works]

exten => _[0-9*].,n,Set(__DYNAMIC_FEATURES=pauseMonitorOut#unpauseMonitorOut) ; Enable Call recording Pause/Unpause features

Scenario 3
Extension calls an extension [This fails].

So I have the features.conf like this:

pauseMonitorOut => *1,self,Pausemonitor
unpauseMonitorOut => *3,self,UnPauseMonitor
pauseMonitorIn => *1,peer,Pausemonitor
unpauseMonitorIn => *3,peer,UnPauseMonitor

Scenario 1 will use pauseMonitorIn, scenario2 will use pauseMonitorOut however scenario 3 also tries to use pauseMonitorOut which results in the call ending.

So if Extension 1, makes a call to Extension 2. And extension 2 tries to use the feature the call will disconnect, if Extension 1 tries to use the feature, the call will end.

The feature loads correctly

74:[2016-03-16 11:17:48] – Executing [calleehandler@default:9] Set(“SIP/2013475-0000000b”, “__DYNAMIC_FEATURES=pauseMonitorIn#unpauseMonitorIn”) in new stack

82:[2016-03-16 11:17:50] – SIP/2013475-0000000b answered SIP/2013472-0000000a
83:[2016-03-16 11:17:50] > 0x279f040 – Probation passed - setting RTP source address to
84:[2016-03-16 11:17:50] > 0x7fb700624990 – Probation passed - setting RTP source address to
85:[2016-03-16 11:17:53] – Feature Found: pauseMonitorOut exten: pauseMonitorOut
86:[2016-03-16 11:17:53] – Executing [h@auth:1] NoOp(“SIP/2013472-0000000a”, “”) in new stack
87:[2016-03-16 11:17:53] – AGI Script Executing Application: (StopMonitor) Options: ()
88:[2016-03-16 11:17:53] – <SIP/2013472-0000000a>AGI Script agi://localhost/dialplan_outbound completed, returning 4
89:[2016-03-16 11:17:53] == Spawn extension (auth, 2013475, 28) exited non-zero on ‘SIP/2013472-0000000a’

Our internal map copies default, which is where the pauseMonitorIn lives.

Does anyone have any ideas? Asterisk logging just shows a soft hangup, nothing more.

The reason to using 2 applicationsis because originally when using the same feature the call would end. Similar to what is happening on scenario 3