Inbound call from register => line does not go to extension


On Asterisk

I have in a standard sip.conf a line that says

register => number:password@proxy/extension

I see asterisk registering to my proxy server, and inbound calls reach the asterisk box. however they go to “number” and not to “extension”. And I only created dial plan entry for “extension” of course.

I did create the proxy peer in the sip.conf as well so it does go to the right context.

What am I obviously missing ?

Any ideas ?

Sounds like the issue is at the remote side.

How so ?

Asterisk registers with kamailio server. Inbound call to “number” should be internally in asterisk being routed to “extension”, or do I see that wrong ?

How is that a remote issue ?

extension controls the user field in the Contact header sent to the registrar. It is up to the remote system to honour that.