Inbound Call from another SIP Domain returning 403

I am having a slight problem with asterisk when I attempt to call into my server from another SIP domain. The issue arises when the user calling from the remote domain has the same username as a person registered on the Asterisk server.

Example: On asterisk there is userA registered with the server (userA@remote.domain), the calls fail with a 403 Forbidden. And the console shows:

chan_sip.c:10326 handle_request_invite: Failed to authenticate user "User A"sip:userA@remote.domain;tag=f07f220b

I have “insecure=invite” set in the “remote.domain” context in the sip.conf file. Here is the section of my sip.conf where I have configured “remote.domain”


The interesting thing if userB@remote.domain places the same call into the asterisk server, the call completes as expected. It is only when a user at the remote domain has the same username as a registered user on the asterisk server, that the user at the remote doamin can not complete a call into the asterisk server and recieves the 403 result.

This appears to me to be a bug within Asterisk because UserA@asterisk.domain, they just happen to share the same username but exist in different domains.

Has anyone else run into the situtation and how do you resolve it?


I’m having the exact same problem here. Were you able to resolve this issue?