Illegal Instruction when starting Asterisk

How do I find where it is bombing off at when I start Asterisk?

#asterisk -v

[] => (Executes applications)
[] => (Look up CallerID Name from local database)
[] => (Flite Text-to-Speech Interface)
[] => (External IVR Interface Application)
[] => (ENUM Lookup)
[] => (GSM/PCM16 (signed linear) Codec Translator)
Illegal instruction

Thanks in advanced!

sounds like either asterisk executable got corrupted, or you maybe have RAM problems…

try a gremlin flush-
first run memtest32 (a standalone boot cd that tests memory) for at least a few hours. If that comes up fine, then give the HDD a good FSCK. Redownload, recompile and reinstall zaptel and asterisk…