If webrtc is yes in ps_endpoints table, webphone works but softphone not

if webrtc is set “yes” in ps_endpoints table, my webphone is able to receive call but my softphone ( on tcp or udp) stops receiving calls (call comes but gets disconnected on answer).

And if I set the webrtc field of ps_endpoints to “no” or NULL, softphone starts receiving calls but webphone then stops receiving calls.

How can I configure the ps_endpoints extensions so that I can send and receive calls from both webphone and softphone (from same extensions registered on both) at the same time.

PS: I am making call tuning and call flipping feature. And in that same extension is registered on different devices and ring simultaneously when call comes in. One can answer from any one of the devices.

You can’t. WebRTC and normal phones use different incompatible SDP, thus why there are options to configure this. Noone has working on trying to make it work for both.

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