Identify conference administrator(s) from ARI

I’m subscribing to all ARI messages, and looking for something unique to be displayed when someone joins a conference as an administrator. I can’t see it.

Is there some way to know from the ARI if someone who joins is the (or one of the) conference administrator(s)?

There is no such thing. ConfBridge doesn’t provide ARI events, the bridge events are system wide and they have no concept of an administrator. If you’ve written your own then as well any concept of an administrator is within your ARI application.

Is the goal to display a “an administrator has entered” or a “Administrator Overseer has entered” message? I haven’t tried these suggestions myself but having just written a ARI app that handed over to a conference bridge here are some ideas:

If your goal is the former it might be possible to poll for the data. Per It is possible to get active calls by ARI? - #8 by jcolp you can use the API variable getters to read function values. I haven’t tested this personally but you might be able to get the output of CONFBRIDGE_INFO()(1) using GET /asterisk/variable(2) to get the count of administrators in the conference. You’d have to poll it at whatever frequency is appropriate for your app. This may or may not be an acceptable solution depending on the detail needed, frequency of updates, and acceptable server load for your situation.

Another option would be to send all the inbound admins through a Stasis() app in the dialplan before joining the conference. That would give your ARI consumer the full details of the channel, which you could then immediately hand back to the dialplan with the channel/{channelId}/continue(3) endpoint. If you need to maintain the admin’s channel event stream after continuing the call back to the dialplan manually subscribing your app to the channel with the /applications/{applicationName}/subscription(4) endpoint might help.

(1) CONFBRIDGE_INFO - Asterisk Documentation
(2) Asterisk - Asterisk Documentation
(3) Channels - Asterisk Documentation
(4) Applications - Asterisk Documentation

Maybe I didn’t express my need well. I’m writing a simple app that reports when users join a conference using the ARI. And I have that working - I subscribe to all ARI events and I’m able to capture the needed info from the events.

Now, If someone joins the conference and is a conference administrator, I want to print out “x123 is now an administrator”. So are you saying that since the ConfBridge does not generate ARI events I cannot find out using the ARI events? Can I send an ARI ReST query to get the info?

If not, I have an AMI connection open too - can I get the “who is a conf administrator” info that way?

ARI does not provide such information directly for ConfBridge. ARI is meant for making your own ConfBridge, and provides general events to facilitate doing so. You could potentially poll for the information like @TJNII mentioned but I haven’t done so.

ConfBridge provides multiple AMI events[1] which includes admin status.

[1] AMI Events - Asterisk Documentation

I found the confbridgelist function in the docs here:

And it looks like it will reply with the contents I need. I will update once I’ve tried it.

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