IAX3 The Solution To All Your Troubles

Do you think IAX3 could be created?

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What I would like to do is share my users between all of our servers. The best example I can provide would be Cisco routers. Cisco uses routing protocols such as RIP, IGRP, and OSPF. These protocols allow for learning of new routes and sharing of knowledge. What would be ideal would be a protocol that functions similarly within asterisk. I could be completely off my horse but I don?t think it would be that hard to write a protocol that would support these features.

The benefits would be huge?
Users could have the same extension no matter what office they were currently in
SIP Firewall problems would be a thing of the past because all the information would be shared over the same IAX trunk that currently handles calls
Since the servers already share user lists it should also be possible to extend this to voicemail, thus users can forward messages to anyone in the company with ease

This is obviously just a dreamers prospective but I am more than willing to donate my time to learn and contribute to a cause such as this.

Please share any criticisms, agreements you may have as I would love to hear from as many people as possible.

I think you can do all this with Dundi and just architecting everything correctly.

Yes but dundi is not designed in the way I discussed it is bulky and is much more complicated than just configuring one protocol that functions efficiently.

does anyone plan to fix the forum or can you only post 15 words max?