IAX2 Connection between 2 servers get's disconnected!


I have 2 servers… 1 in Philippines and 1 in Japan both are connected via IAX2.

Anyway both systems uses dynamic IP addresses so I subscribed to DynDNS to keep track of the IP Address changes. The thing is everytime Philippine DSL changes IP address the connection between the 2 servers gets lost. so I have to type “iax2 reload” in the command line to re-establish the connection. I think it keeps the old IP address even when DynDNS has already changed to the new one, so in short, it doesn’t update to the new one. I think the best solution is to switch to static IP but maybe there is another solution you can give me…

Thanks in advance!

you could set up an OpenVPN tunnel between the two places and then send the iax data over that… ovpn should auto re-establish (including dns query) when the link dies, so when the IP changes you get maybe 5-10sec downtime after which it re-establishes itself. Might even keep calls through that.

static IP is a better option tho…

ey, mate, thanks for always helping out… :wink: