IAX - ringing/no sound - ANSWERED/NO ANSWER problem


I’m experiencing some problems with IAX trunks.

I have a master server connected to my providers (running 1.2.13), then several little servers connected to this server through IAX (the test server is running 1.4.0), then some of calls ringing on the server side doesn’t on the client side… the callers hears us but we don’t (one way sound), worse, CDR shows “ANSWERED” on the server side, and “NO ANSWER” on the client side…

We had this problem with our provider and so had to move to SIP… but as you know, IAX is more handy, for the callerids and the switch functions (among other functionnalities)

So I wonder if the latest asterisk versions solve this issue… i had a look in the changelog but this didn’t help me to know the answer…

Do anybody have any idea on this problem?

Best regards