HTC Touch Pro & VanAccess IP0020 works after 1.6 ast

Hello All,

Just thought I’d throw this out. I finally got brave and updated to asterisk 1.6. Reason being I wanted to see if I could finally get my old HTC Touch Pro/WinMo 6.1 to actually work.
I spent many hours triyng to get the TP to work on 1.4.x asterisk,but no joy. After updating to 1.6 the phone registered in a minute!!!,But port numbers were always wrong. After wrangling with this for a couple more hours finally got port numbers to what they should be. Voice quality is very good too:)
FYI: This phone has the latest stock USCell rom on it as well.
Also in the process,my cheapie($20) VanAccess IP0020 phone shows as registered,and works fine too. Voice quality is good on this phone as well. This is actually a nice phone for the average home user I would say., if you would be happy with a corded phone/desk phone.
Haven’t tried dialing out to the world yet,but looks much more promising for these two ‘endpoints’.