[HOWTO] Asterik 1.4 and OpenH323 compilation


I wrote a full Howto in order to simply compile Asterisk with H323 support on CentOS or Debian.

It’s in french HowTo, a good occasion to learn french :wink:

[color=black]Asterik with H323 Support[/color]


Hi All,

I have translated the french version from my colleague in English. So you can go on this web site

We hope that can help some people.

Best Regards.

Thank you! It worked for me in asterisk 1.4.19.
I can place calls between IAX exten trough H323 trunk…but i have one problem, and it is that the call takes about 30 seconds! to start ringing!.
I only just modify in h323.conf:

port = 1720
bindaddr =


It is curious that in one AsteriskNow (1.4.9) with the same config and codecs it place the call Instantly.

When i make one call, i only see:
– Executing [1000forexample@outgoing:6] Dial(“H323/ip$192.XX.141.XX:12160/15817”, “H323/1000forexample@192.XX.141.XX:1720|20|tT”) in new stack
– Requested transfer capability: 0x00 - SPEECH

And it takes a looong time to start making the call. About 30 seconds.
Somebody can help me?

Thank you

Hi Izan,

Could you details a little bit more your configuration?

You are using the H323 trunk connected to which system?

Which H323 driver are you using OpenH323, ooh323, oh323 ??