How's to divide E1 30 channels to different DNIS?

I have some problem here. Its a bit tricky. I have operate 3 different call center that each one call center have 1 DNIS. I have 30 channels E1 configure in Asterisk. Isn’t possible to split the 30 channels to utilize all of 3 call center? How to configure it? Thanks so much for your help. :smile:

Who do you want to split the PRI ? Via incoming DID ? You want to give a set amount of channels to each call center ?

Yup…I want to split via incoming DID…Yes I wanna to give a set amount of channels to each call center…Can I use group & group_count in order to split specific channels? thanks

There is such a way to do it although I forget at the moment. You an use math logic in Asterisk to set up per group how many channels they can have. You set say group A=1+group A and on hangup up (via the h extension) do Group A=GroupA-1. When a call comes in you check if group A is over the limit. If yes then use congestion to not accept the call.

Have a look here: … riablemath

ok…I got it & my problem solved…Thanks Dovid for your help :smile: