How would you go about it?


The scenario is this…

Out of hours, customer calls into the business. We want to connect this customer with an operative who is “on-call”.

I could simply use the Dial application, but then the customer could get connected to the operatives voice mail, when the best course of action is to move onto the next inline operative.

So, I want to put the customer on hold, dial operative, confirm human by listening for DTMF tone, if human - connect caller, otherwise move on to trying the next operative. The whole time while waiting, the caller should only hear hold music and not know that we have tried numerous operatives.

How would you go about it ?



The U option of Dial seems to be designed for this. I cannot guarantee that the MoH wouldn’t get cancelled early. You will have to try. Otherwise, you might try G option, combined with the Bridge application. Again no guarantees.


Hi David,

Starting to feel like I owe you a crate of beer or something - thanks for your time - much appreciated.

I did a little more digging around because, although I had looked at the options you suggested, neither seemed to quite fit the purpose.

I stumbled across FollowMe() again and read it again, and this time it seemed to make sense, and it seems to do pretty much what I’m looking for.

Would you agree or do you have reservations about this application ?



FollowMe is an option if You can live with the fact, that the dialing sequence is “hard coded” in a config-file (followme.conf)
AFAIK it’s not possible to configure the sequence in a realtime-manner.



In my scenario, it is sufficient to dial extensions, which dial a number retrieved using ODBC.

The sequence is to…

ring agent1
ring agent2
ring agent3
ring agent1
ring agent2
ring agent3
Go to Voicemail.



Assuming this scenario You could may also have a look at the Queue application, as FollowMe and ODBC won’t work together except You play around with the conteyt FollowMe uses and place there “virtual” extensions which You then reslove to “real” extensions using ODBC. It’s not impossible to do with FollowMe, but a bit tricky :smiley: