How to use voice/data modem as FXO with asterisk

Dear All …if I have one asterisk server and one windows pc having inbuilt modem. Is it possible to terminate PSTN line on windows pc’s modem port and use it as FXO ? If yes then pls guide me for the same.
Regards, Mahesh

errr … i haven’t seen anything like it, not actually had it suggested before ! the Windows PC running as an FXO gateway for an Asterisk server. interesting … sounds horrible, but interesting.

given how cheap clone X100P adapters are, i would suggest you think about an alternative route. if it’s for anything important you won’t want Windows involved for providing trunks, and you should look at the DigiumTDM400/Sangoma AFT-A200 as a bare minimum. the X100P is great for playing IMO, but there are lots of people using them as their primary trunk.