How to use DUNDi

So I’ve just spent some time getting DUNDi configured. What I can’t work out is HOW to USE it. The sparse and badly written docs don’t seem to outline this. What exactly do I put in extensions.conf to do DUNDi? I see there’s a DundiLookup command but the bad examples don’t use it.

For crying out loud, the dundi.conf file isn’t even documented at

A little trick for you:


And then, trial and error. It works, I use it.


README.conf has a single paragraph of text about what DUNDi is at a very high level. It also happens to be cut and pasted everywhere else online.

And as for the other file…
[root@bil-pdev-2 asterisk-1.2.0-rc2]# pwd
[root@bil-pdev-2 asterisk-1.2.0-rc2]# find . -name dundi.conf.example
[root@bil-pdev-2 asterisk-1.2.0-rc2]#

doesn’t seem to exist.


IT WORKS? Well how’d you find your documentation? This is really really p*ssing me off. After jerking around with this, I still don’t know if it’s going to solve my user location problem or not.

I do a lookup and I get this. Doesn’t look like it’s working to me…

*CLI> dundi lookup 3250071@dundi_test
ETx-Frame Retry[No] – OSeqno: 000 ISeqno: 000 Type: DPDISCOVER (Command)
Flags: 00 STrans: 00698 DTrans: 00000 []
DIRECT EID : 00:0d:88:37:10:cc
CALLED CONTEXT : dundi_test
TTL : 32

Tx-Frame Retry[No] – OSeqno: 000 ISeqno: 000 Type: ENCRYPT (Command)
Flags: 00 STrans: 00698 DTrans: 00000 []
ENTITY IDENT : 00:0d:88:37:10:cc
SHAREDKEY : [ 88 47 15 ec cc 3b 6c 1c 0c ed b6 3a 18 cf 33 1e 7f e4 a4 43 81 21 8d c8 6f 33 de 42 4c 7d 39 94 12 4c bb db 0b f3 e7 3c 27 95 b9 a7 03 13 2a 7e e8 1c ad 74 01 57 ed 19 72 2d da 4b 7f 1a 3c 5f b3 5b b0 d9 ef 5c a3 1e 6a 5d 9a 1b 15 cb fe 1b c9 cf 6b 6f b6 c6 0d 30 b3 77 10 af 77 d0 0f 8b 7f 3f 90 5c 61 29 8f 68 35 41 8f 77 08 50 2c f0 02 0c 4c 54 46 64 34 4f 4b 79 be 3d f0 ff ab f1 ]
SIGNATURE : [ 7f d9 36 77 27 79 86 e0 3d 5b 70 ac 92 f5 a6 94 17 a8 af f0 a2 5d ef a7 39 ee 2c 19 59 a1 2b 64 c7 f6 54 98 f8 f6 2b 8d b5 3d 60 2e e2 01 a1 bf a9 53 36 82 02 1f ad 40 f8 dc 13 92 97 0a 9e c0 73 a0 f9 68 4b d3 c5 52 cb b7 32 a5 93 49 89 66 96 09 be f1 fe c0 b6 bb 2a 45 81 af 62 fe 5a e4 3f 58 c9 aa ca cc 34 fe b2 7d cb f7 ce ce e3 c9 e5 c2 fc ba 2c ef b5 96 6b 3b d7 70 5e 14 5c 30 ]
ENCDATA : [IV f3c1584d1dfd8e1298856a3fbe316528] 4 encrypted blocks

Rx-Frame Retry[No] – OSeqno: 000 ISeqno: 001 Type: ENCREJ (Response)
Flags: 00 STrans: 28064 DTrans: 00698 [] (Final)
Tx-Frame Retry[No] – OSeqno: 001 ISeqno: 001 Type: ACK (Response)
Flags: 00 STrans: 00698 DTrans: 28064 [] (Final)
DUNDi lookup returned no results.
DUNDi lookup completed in 9 ms

If I run a network trace on the other end, I can see a request coming and a reply going back to this host… so they’re communicating.

Still can’t get it to work. Following example config in the O’Reilly Asterisk TFOT book. ARRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

why has your head not popped yet ? seriously, why not ?

and why do you always feel the need to post multiple threads about the same subject ?

Might be the complete lack of documentation and forums posts.

oh no, did the nasty people on the community forum not hold your hand ?? diddums.

instead of whining about it, why not embrace the opensource/wiki ethic and improve the “lack of documentation and forums posts”, which btw, does not include posting repeated threads on the same subject.

i can forgive people not searching the forum when posting for the first time, but your activities make you look like some snot-faced whinging dork.

you paid for your ABE package, and you may feel you have the right to digium support. but these forums are very obviously frequented by those of us who didn’t buy ABE and have no intention of doing so. your posts have gone from “look how bad (everything to do with) ABE is” to “look how bad everything Asterisk is” … no … come to think of it, you posts have always been that. if thousands of people are using Asterisk to fulfill their PBX requirements and applying their own ability/using the abilities of others to fill the gaps, what makes you different ?

you obviously feel otherwise, but if you have issues about documentation and the level of support you get, take it up with digium directly. i don’t see mark, kevin etc posting here often !

Oh Yeah? How many of those are provisioning 16,000+ users?

Many. Do not think your scale is unique.

Then why don’t they care about things like the fact that registering users through SER removes the ability of Asterisk to notify phones of new voicemail, or the fact that users may be registered on different Asterisk boxes and need to reach each other???

who cares ? it doesn’t excuse your IRC-style of posting. i seriously can’t believe anyone who thinks *yawn* is an appropriate post to a forum such as this should be allowed anywhere near a system, never mind one for 16,000+ users.

You are assuming they do not.

Yes, I’m assuming that based on what I’ve seen here.

Baconbuttie: I don’t see your problem. I have multiple issues and I have posted multiple times. Big deal.

it’s not me with the problem, obviously. to be quite frank, you would appear to be overly-keen on the sound of your own voice. grow up, this is a resource for more people than you.

when are you going to realise that when you play opensource you either accept limitations, or you do what you can to reduce them. you want to be seen as some big shot with a big userbase ?? then perform everyone a simple courtesy: lose the attitude.

I’m not the one with the attitude. I’m asking questions, not getting answers, just a lot of ‘it works for me’ (really, go back and check my posts if you don’t believe me). You come along and call me a whiner for asking questions. I respond. You seem to be the one with the attitude.

I’m still trying to work this DUNDi problem out. Sure, open source requires that you jump online and research your problems. In general I’ve never seen an open source product with so little accurate information as I have for Asterisk. DUNDi is considerably worse. I do google searches for ‘DUNDi and keys’ and get almost no results.

Of course, it ‘works for everyone’ else eventhough I’ve followed the scarce documentation. I just blew my boxes away, installed 1.2 instead of 1.2RC2, ran as root this time instead of as a different user, re-configured from scratch, and it still fails in exactly the same way.

[quote=“dgarstang”]You come along and call me a whiner for asking questions.[/quote]no, i call you a whiner for being childish in the way you do things. like repeatedly posting the same question is going to improve the response you get. i have a 4-year-old, so i see it every day. it doesn’t work with him, so i don’t see it working with you.

I think I made two posts about the same topic ONCE

[quote=“dgarstang”]I think I made two posts about the same topic ONCE[/quote] if only that were true. i’m not going to look back through your posts, but i recall you posting the repetitive questions for dundi, AEL, the ‘s’ extension, getting variables. i guess that’s gonna add up to more than once. and all overlaid with your whining about documentation. still, welcome to the community.

As I have said before, everyone has their own posting style. It is only a disservice to the person trying to get the answers, when their style becomes the topic. Their loss.

This thread is now a case in point.