How to Un-reserve a Channel

Hi All,

I currently have a Sangoma 104D card installed, i am testing the differences between Digium and Sangoma (Sorry to thoe Loyalist Digium users, no offense intended :wink:)

I have a small problem with Channels on Span-4 becoming Reserved for no apparent reason, i have checked all our config file and can not find a setting anywhere for Channel Reservation.

After while of this happening, Span-4 becomes unusable and then it starts to do it to Span-3, it took me over a week to discover this was happened when i telneted into Into Asterisk (Port 5038) and watched the events, then compared what i saw in the events to the logs.

Any information on where to look, or how to resolve this problem would be greatly appreciated, i am still searching these forums and also Google to see if i can find any info on this problem, but still no luck as of yet.

Thank you in advance.