How to tell which leg of the call hung up

In the trace for a call, it doesn’t tell which end of the call hung up. The logging always specificies the calling party.

This is a simple SIP call.

I have the tracing turned up all the way and I’m not seeing what I want.

Is there a option, command, environment var that I can examine to determine this? DIALSTATUS is insufficent.

We’re having a problem with quick disconnect so i need to determine which end is terminating the call first.


This is not purely an asterisk issue. It might be a sip protocol issue.

If you want you turn on ‘sip debug’ so that you see the sip messages as well as the errors occuring. In this case you can see who sent the “BYE” message or if an error occurred.

you can always install wireshark and do a interface snoop to see which side send’s BYE mesage