How to setup local "intercom" that can be accessed via ZeroTier vpn

Hi I have been trying for a long time to understand how to setup asterisk so i can use it for old analog phones in the house via a grandstream. I just want a few local sip extensions and being able to also call from my mobile connected via zerotier vpn.

I have got that working when im on a local network, but when i try to connect through the vpn I get no audio.
And then when i try via the local network, it also stops working. So I dont thing my current config anything to keep.

If somebody have a config that can be used for this and would like to share i would be greatfull, or can point to what spesific things i need and why?

Side note I been trying to run it through docker if that makes any differnece

Docker port handling can make a mess of RTP.

Running Asterisk on a RaspberryPi might make more sense for you.

It does, but has an easy workaround. Last I researched Docker networking and UDP don’t play together correctly, and I’ve seen no evidence that things have improved. Run your container with --net=host to take Docker networking out of the equation and you should be fine. I’ve been running Asterisk in Docker with this flag for about 5 years with no issues.

1: Ensure that your Docker container has the necessary network permissions for the VPN and local network. Networking in Docker can sometimes lead to audio issues.
2:Make sure the necessary ports for SIP (usually UDP 5060) and RTP (a range of UDP ports) are properly forwarded in both your local network and VPN settings

Danish Hafeez | QA Assistant

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