How to setup IVR with customercode

We have already asterisk running in the company (about 70users).
Now, we are setting up a support service, and want to have IVR (no problem to set this up), with verification of the customer.
So what do we want.

When a customer calls outside business hours, he needs to submit his customer nr, this customer nr needs to be linked to one of three sla plans, brons : goes to Voicemaill.
Silver : from monday to friday het get fwd to the support guy, in the weekend voicemail.
Gold : every time fwd to the support guy on call.

If possible, during business hours, he doesn`t need to give in his customer code, but can choose some options.

Now, is this possible with our existing asterisk system?

Yes, it is, I think you’ll need some agi scripting too, to look for the customer’s sla in a database.

No problem, use GotoIfTime() to execute different actions based on hours and weekdays.


Marco Bruni