How to run Asterisk SIP server over ADSL modem

hi all
I have created asterisk 1.4 on my CentOS and it works great in my local network.
now I need my users to get registered from internet.
my internet connection is trough my ADSL modem.
my ADSL modem mode is set on pppoe which connect directly to internet, and uses NAT for my asterisk server.

(my asterisk)<–>(my modem)<----internet-------> SIP clients.

what should I do?

If you are new Asterisk, do yourself a big favor to download/read this Free e-book called Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, 2nd Ed.

You’ll need a static / fixed IP address thats routable from the Internet

You’ll also need to port forward UDP-5060 for SIP and UDP 10000-20000 or what ever is in your rtp.conf

BUT BEFORE YOU DO THAT…You had better make sure of the following:

  • Your dial plan is secured, that is someone connecting from an outside anonamous SIP call cant go anywhere
  • Your handsets do not have the same password as the extension number
  • Preferably, you have IP based filters only allowing the remote handsets and your ITSP to connect on the above ports
  • You have some sort of connection monitoring such as fail2ban to block, at the packet level, any extension enumeration attacks that seem to be a common occurance.

You will also need around 88K per ulaw / alaw connect or around 1/2 that for g729 or gsm, remember, however, that if you do use g729 for your remote handsets, and, you use ulaw / alaw for your ITSP or local handsets, you will need g729 licenses for codec translation, or you will need to run g729 across the board, (which I think breaks voicemail ??? someone can corrrect me ???)

Good luck.


Can you elaborate on how this is done.