How to route an incoming cal due to and answer time delay

Hi all ,
I’m not a Asterisk expert , but in my company we are succesfully using a Asterisk Freepabx solution , to be short my question is :

Incomng call to one extension (es 300)
The estension is active but nobody answers into a specific time slot (45 to 60 seconds)
The call have to be routed to an external number through a Zap channel connetted to a GSM gateway.
The call route dials a specific mobile number , related closely with the extension called. (es ext. 300 -> mobile 348 300300)

Question :
It.'s possible to allow a call route for . all incoming calls , through the system explained upstair. ??
If is possible , what kind of configuration is needed ??
And this Configuration coul be done using the Freepbx interface ??

Please apologize my “rude english” , i wish be gratefull to who may help me giving suggestions to solve my question.

Regards AC