How to record calls being transferred from the Queue?

Hi all
I experienced a problem with recording using MixMonitor() application (also with Monitor it functions the same wrong way).


  1. Context puts the caller into Queue
  2. Operator sees a caller in the queue on the Flash Operator Panel
  3. Operator drags the caller to certain extension
  4. Extensions answers, call continues and terminates normally
  5. Recorded file contains calling party voice only

If one of the agents answers (no FOP transfer), call records OK

Why transferred calls are one-way recordings only???

************* LAST ADDED *****************
I continued the test, it does not matter if it is Flash Panel or nor, simply transferred calls are not recorded properly, I tried transferring using handset as well

I have a system in chicago where the call comes into the receptionist. When the call gets transferred to a representative, the representative cannot hear the calling party, but the calling party can hear the representative. When I disable MixMonitor, the problem goes away.

I’m not using a queue like you are, however the problem seems to originiate in the fact that a recorded call is messed up when transfered. In your case, you loose a channel in the recording. In my case I loose a channel in the call.

If anyone has a solution to recording a transferred call that would be great!