How to protect dialing with password?

Is there any way to do necessary the input of a password to do a call? Now I am using the system of use a prefix, but is a bad solution.

Thank you

exten => 3,1,Authenticate(1234)

1234 would be the password you want

Thank you customGT, but I do not understand you so well. With this line, what am I defining? That the extension 3 has to dial 1234 to can make calls?

Thank you a lot

exten => _6.,1,Authenticate(1234)
exten => _6.,n,Dial(Zap/4/${EXTEN:1},60,rt)

Does this make more sense?
Try to make an outgoing call (6_then your phone number your dialing)
It will ask you for the password. Put in 1234.

It should go ahead and dial out Zap/4 if it is correct, if it is wrong it will ask you probably 2 more times then hangup the call i ASSUME.

I have not tested this but it sounds good in theory. Let me know.

THANK YOU!!! :smiley:

It works fine :wink:

And another question… is there any way to log the calls done with every password?

Thank you

you mean to log the password they entered with the call?
You can just set the password to a variable and pass that to your call log I would think.

Ive never messed with call logs yet…so Im not much help. Id start a new thread with that question if you still need help.

Yes, I still need help. A lot of thanks for your help.

Hi Have a look at the auhenticate section of voip-info … thenticate

You will see examples of how to set the accountcode for each call to the password. Also how to use the astdb to store the passwords as well

It will also create a cdr record of its own for the call