How to migrate from Cisco Call Manager to Asterisk

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First at all, thank you very much for reading me.

In the company where I work, we are having some issues with CISCO 3800 and we
would like to migrate from Cisco to Asterisk (FreePBX).

The Asterisk server has been put in place and running properly. My
specific question is: There is an easy way to import all cisco setup to Asterisk? I mean, dialplans, extensions and so on.

There is an similar entry in the community 4 years ago and I’m not sure that the person who opened it will reply my doubts, for that reason I’m opening this new topic again. Sorry for that.

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I think it will be a lot of work but in particular, I think if you are going to automate it you will need to forget FreePBX. In any case mechanically generating a FreePBX compatible configuration is something to ask the FreePBX people.

Thank you very much for your quick reply and your advise, however despite that I wrote in parenthesis FreePBX, I’m asking for asterisk in general. For that reason I’m not asking directly to the FreePBX people because I cannot be tide to any gui, I just need quick solutions. Have a nice day.