How to make incoming calls from Landline

I have a working asterisk box with a sangoma card and 4 PRI Lines. All Lines are used to make inbound/outbound calls and they are working fine. Recently I have a new PRI line from Vodafone. I removed the PRI from Slot 1 and inserted the new PRI line in that slot. I am able to make outbound calls from that New PRI line. But When someone calls on that PRI Number, it is being failed. No logs are found on CLI. It says mobile “switched off” . What can be the problem ?

If required, I will add wanpipe config, extension.conf and chan_dahdi.conf

If you’re not seeing them in the logs, then the calls are perhaps not even landing on Asterisk. That would point to a provider routing error. I’d call the provider and make sure they’re properly routing the correct calls down that pipe.

If I interchange the existing PRI lines among the slots, they work fine. The new PRI is causing the problem in Incoming calls only. Outgoing from new PRI is working fine. Can I diagnose routing errors , if yes from where ?

Turn on PRI debugging on the span that the new PRI is connected to. “pri debug span X” where X is the port number the Vodafone circuit is on. Watch the messages. You should be able to see the calls (or call attempts) come in. If they are not showing up in the PRI debug, then you need to call your PRI provider and as them to debug call routing for those numbers on the new circuit.

Can u please show me some debug snipped of a good call so that I can match with it. I have debugs for a good call (with old PRI) but not able to understand the messages.