How to make asterisk runs as a Proxy ? not B2BUA

Hi All,

for my requirement , i want asterisk to act as a proxy and not as a B2BUA.

i want the asterisk to treat the incoming invite and forward it to the next node ( as in the record route ) without any modifications

please help me configuring the asterisk as a proxy.

Asterisk is not a Proxy, use OpenSIPS or Kamalio.

Hi navasimo,

thanks for the response,

i have a open IMS setup,

with Asterisk i was able to do some features,

So integrating the asterisk with the open ims would be ideal for me ,

here, am able to do the third party registration with asterisk for the open IMS user,

problem is when i make the call, the return INVITE from the AS ( asterisk ) is something new INVITE for open IMS and it started treating it as a new request,

in order to avoid this , am asking to make the asterisk as a proxy,

for my above said issue, is there any solution that you have , please help me