How to make asterisk listen on more than one ip

well i want to make my asterisk server listen to two ip addresses. and i am sure there would be way to do this. but i am unable to find out anything helpful

the most i got was this :
which was actually a different issue but this thing should work as the author says.

[quote]The easiest way to make this work (which I tested) is to explicitly bind to each IP address like so:


can any help me, i am sure someone must have came across trying to do it. hoepfully succeed too or if not must have a logical reason to deny this senario’s possiblity.

Well the first thing is you must bind a second IP to the nic or have a second nic in the box

and I am sure that bindaddr= listens on all IP bound to the system

and I think the line should read bindaddr=, or;

well sorry for not being clear in my first post.

heres the detailed explanation:
i have got two virtual public ip on my asterisk server using one ethernet card.
let say
A is with eth0
B is with eth0:1

now i need to register one phone using ip A and the other using ip B…

i tried thisbind addr thing but it didnt work. its just uses the ip addr which i define in the last, and does’nt listen on the one i define earlier. any particular reason why it does’nt work and can anyone point out an alternative for it…???

I guess your IP phones should take of this.
Enter A’s IP address on the X Phone and B’s IP address on the Y phone. This should work, since both IP addresses are on the same server.