How to listen to VM on blackberry?

anyone have a solution to this? I have a client who wants to listen to their voicemails as attachments to email, on their blackberry. I don’t have a blackberry but it appears that the blackberry doesn’t facilitate this even if you send an mp3 as an attachment. Apparently it can listen to mp3’s as links on the web. I’d like to find a solution to this but it appears that even if I convert the wav files to mp3 files before sending it isn’t going to fly per the above. I also will not open up the voicemail messages as links on the open web, that is a secrity/privacy issue.

So … has anyone come up with a creative solution with blackberries for this?


As far as i’ve been told, blackberry’s only support opening attachments from word, excel, and some other softwares, but not sound files, neither mp3 not wav…

I’ve seen that. Just hoping that someone may have come up with a creative solution - you would think there would be demand.