How To List RTP Address for Channel

I’m trying to find a way to view the source IP address of the RTP stream for a given channel. In our topology, it’s not guaranteed that the media will be sent to/from any of the addresses in pjsip.conf. So I can’t rely on any of the Contact or Endpoint info displayed in core show channels or pjsip show channels.
I’ve looked through everything I could think of in the Asterisk console as well as the AMI, but cant seem to find any command that will just show me the IP addresses involved in the ongoing RTP streams. I know I could probably hack something together with tshark or something, but I’d prefer to use Asterisk if possible. Anyone have any idea how to get at this data? I feel like it should be simple, but I just cant find the answer.
Thanks in advance

For getting the information for the forum we’d normally ask for the output from “pjsip set logger on”, but “rtp debug on” should also produce the information, if with rather excessive output.

With chan_sip, one of the options on “sip show channel xxx” will provide it, but I don’t know if “pjsip show channel xxx” will do the same.

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