How to increase DTMF Duration

Hi there,

I am having issue while pressing dtmf it take 260 ms to process, i am not sure why and how to reduce it.

[Apr 2 03:41:57] DTMF[17474]: channel.c:4066 __ast_read: DTMF end ‘1’ received on SIP/cybernet-00000000, duration 260 ms

How can i reduce it?

is there any work around for this.

need help.


Sohaib khan

Release the button in less than 260 ms! This sounds like a problem with the the device that is entering the DTMF signalling into the system, rather than with Asterisk.

In any case, you have not provided information on how the DTMF is being carried over the the SIP session, and for RFC 2833 and INFO, at least, you haven’t provided any logging of that signalling.

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I found the issue, i have multiple lines with _XXXX and _X. in the same context, so it was waiting to accept more than 1 digit.

I have created another context and placed my ivr there.

Thanks david :slight_smile: