How to get the busy tone when third person is calling?

Dear Support team,

I have install the Linux Debian and then installed the asterisk on this platform and its completely command based…
I am working very fine with it but now i am facing the one problem as follow:-

When i make a call to another user and start to talk with him then i was able to talk with him but at this moment when third user try to make me call then at that time the third user get the ringtone instead of the busy tone and third user think that he is not receiving the call.
Here i want that if i am making the call with the another user then third user should get the busy tone.

Please help me to out of this and what configuration is required to resolve this issue.

Thanks &Regards,
Rajesh Kumar

Use a phone that refuses the third call, or use group counts.

what is the group count and how can i define it.

what is the meaning of the phone that refuse the third call automatically?

Rajesh Kumar


  2. Exactly what it says. Unless this is the result of using an Asterisk GUI, in which case you are on the wrong board, your basic problem is that the hone is failing to indicate that it is busy.

May i use the Busy Lamp Field for that?

If i can use the Busy Lamp Field then tell me how can i do it?

Please tell me the necessary configuration is required to configure the Busy lamp Field in asterisk.

I already have the Phone Model Number GXP2120 Grandstream that support the Busy Lamp Field Feature.

I am new in this field so i don’t have the much knowledge in that.

Please help me to out this problem.

There is no support team for the open source version of Asterisk. These forums are for peer support, in other words for users to help each other.

Digium sell some products based on Asterisk, for which they will provide support and there is a Jobs forum, on this board, where you can ask to buy support services from independent contractors.