How to get details on "module reload" errors?

On a new 20.7.0 instance, I’m trying to properly configure strir_shaken.conf file.
After doing so, I’m entering module reload and I get:

[Apr 23 09:27:29] WARNING[43073]: res_stir_shaken/attestation_config.c:265 as_config_reload: Stir/Shaken attestation service disabled.  Either there were errors in the 'attestation' object in stir_shaken.conf or it was missing altogether.

Is it possible gather more details on these errors ?
I tried with ‘core set verbose 10’ and ‘core set debug 10’ but without success.
Said differently, what is the recommender method to interactively find config error in stir_shaken.conf file specifically ?

Best regards

On a side note, the above error was consecutive the presence of a private_key_path setting instead of a private_key_file one.
Maybe default handling of res_stir_shaken.conf could signal such error.

Anyway, my question remains: how can I best debug error on res_stir_shaken.conf loading ?

The module is responsible for outputting error messages for config issues, if it’s not doing so then that would be a bug and should be reported with the precise configuration to replicate the issue. Otherwise you can’t except for guessing.

Thanks for replyiing.
I’ll do my best to report such issues which, given how new the Stir/Shaken module is and its specific history, IMHO, are import to notify.

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