How to forward the call

I need some help please how can I forward the caller to my agent after the SayDigits ?

version Asterisk 11.17.1 .,

in my extension_custom.conf


exten => 555,1,Answer()
exten=>555,n,Dial(SIP/444,30) // I just followed here

but it doesn’t forward to the agent. can someone help me on this please.

Thank you in advance.

What does it do? (E.g. what is logged at a verbosity of at last 5.)

What is in your [444] section of sip.conf?

What is the full SIP URI of “the agent”?

There is no reason why the above shouldn’t work if you can answer the last two questions correctly, and the agent is actually reachable. (I’m not sure that // is a valid comment delimiter, though. Normally one uses semi-colon.)

HI david551 thank you for the quick reply…I may not now answer your question because I am away to the server I can’t remember. I just posted what is inside in my extension_custom.conf. Can I ask is this part here exten=>555,n,Dial(SIP/444,30) is the correct way of forwarding to my agent ?

Thank you in advance.

It is the correct way of forwarding to the device defined in section 444 of your sip.conf (or any file included from it), assuming that device is reachable. I have no way of telling if 444 exists in sip.conf, or if it is a device that your agent can use. Without the logs, I have no way of determining whether that device is reachable.

Note that extension_custom.conf must be included from extensions.conf, before it will have any effect. That is not done by Asterisk out of the box. It might be done by FreePBX, but this is the wrong forum for FreePBX. If it is, I find it strange that it is called extension_custom, rather than extensions_custom.

Google can’t find extension_custom.conf, but, as I said, even extensions._custom.conf is not provided or referenced by Asterisk, as supplied.

Hi david551 thank you for the help, I apologize for the wrong spell but I believe it is extensions_custom ? …actually I have no problem with my code in that file .except when I add this feature forward to agent after the saydigits() …I will back …thank you again !