How to FORWARD calls?


Can I forward call if I have answered it by using R or FLASH button on my telephone. Or does somebody knows better trick for my problem.

Its like that: secretary answers the phone and need to forward call to sales manager…how to solve this problem?

Probably. Depends how the phone is connected to Asterisk and what the flash button does.

SIP phones don’t really have flash buttons, and if you have a SIP phone claiming to have one, you will need to read the phone’s manual, as you need to configure the phone, rather than Asterisk.

If you have an analogue phone, the configuration goes into features.conf. You can also use this with SIP phones, but not using a “flash” button.

I have analog phones and some ip-phones…

Analog phones have Flash or R button but how to use them I have no idea.

ATA Adapter is D-Link DVG-2032S. D-link have section where is flash button function but I guess that function works only in same device but I have 3 of them. I need that it will work through Asterisk…

Must it be done with the FLASH button?
Why not use “Blind transfer” and “Attended transfer” in <features.conf>?

Then you can configure it to use, for example:
*1 = Blind transfer and *2 = Attended transfer for both SIP and Analogue phones.