How to fix asterisk sipml5 “error 503 service unavailable” when making call

I’m using sipml5 to connect to FreePBX asterisk server via wss and try to make a call. when making a call it was ringing and then the call was rejected.

  • caller: error 503 Service Unavailable,
  • receiver: error SIP/2.0 603 Failed to get local SDP and SEND: SIP/2.0 481 Dialog/Transaction Does Not.

how can I fix it?.

I’m confused about what you mean by caller and receiver, and how the receiver line is supposed to be punctuated

Assuming caller means the A side, where Asterisk is UAS, 503 is a catchall errror.

Assuming receiver is the B side, where Asterisk is the UAC, and that these represent responses at different times, the first one indicates an internal faliure in the B side peer and needs to be fixed there. Provisionally, I wold assume the second one, which appears to have been truncated, is a secondary failure, although it may actually be a bug in the peer. It seems quite likely that both of these downstream peer errors will result in Asterisk sending 503 upstream.

So the short answer, is fix the receiver.

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