How to fetch caller id in Asterisk using Matrix SETU ATA211G hardware device?

I’m unable to fetch called ID(phone number) from Matrix SETU ATA211G in order to make a call back.
I have installed Asterisk 13 in virtual box and connected to Matrix SETU ATA211G device with Asterisk IP address( My sip.conf file look as below
port = 5060
bindaddr =
allowgues = no
disallow = alaw

dtmfmode = inband
type = peer
host = dynamic
secret = password
**context =**sip
fromdomain =
disallow = all
allow = alaw

In matrix web interface I have registered SIP trunk as
SIP ID : 6001
Authentication ID : 6001
Authentication Password : password
Registrar Server Address:Port : : 5060

Whenever I make a call to matrix SETU ATA211G device, the caller id which is displayed in asterisk CLI is 6001 not caller phone number. How do I get caller phone number as caller id?

allowguest is wrongly spelled. If real, this is as security problem.

I assume device 6001 is the Matrix SETU.

It looks to me as though the SETU has been configured with the equivalent of asterisk fromuser=6001. If there is no way of avoiding that, you need to find out whether you can configure it with the equivalent of Asterisk sendrpid=yes or sendrpid=pai. One of these may be the default. You will need to set trustrpid=yes on Asterisk itself.

If this is not possible, you will need to use SIP debug to find out if and where the SETU sends the caller ID. Obviously, if you can’t get it to send it, Asterisk will never see it.

Thank you david551, problem was solved by enabling CLI source under sip basic settings in Matrix SETU web interface.

How should I make a call back using caller ID? Is it possible only by Asterisk? If is it so, then how to implement? Anyone please help me out of this.

Originate to a local channel that waits long enough for the original call to clear before Dialing the caller ID.