How to ensure hardware echo cancellation is working?

Hi ,

Can anyone suggest how to check whether hardware echo-cancellation is working or not with digium cards? the general call data log with verbose 10 doesn’t carry this information.

Please suggest.



Stop Asterisk.
Unload the driver module.
Reload the driver module.
Paste the last 20 lines or so of the output from “dmesg” here.

That output will tell you whether or not your HW echo can module is detected and loaded okay.

Otherwise, you’ll want to make sure that /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf enables echo cancellation, i.e.:
for whatever channel or group of channels you’re working with.

Further, to see if it’s enabled on an individual channel basis by Asterisk, you can turn up the CLI logging level by editing /etc/asterisk/logger.conf
in the console keyword section to include debug,verbose
and doing “logger reload” from the CLI. Then, you’ll see whether or not echo cancellation is actually being enabled by the channel.

Or, if you want to see an individual channel to see if EC is enabled during an in-progress call, simply:
zap show channel x, where x is the zap channel number in question.



Thanks a lot for the reply. I will try this tomorrow and check the status. appreciated your help.



No problem.

If you run into trouble because it’s not being enabled for some reason, please give our Support department a shout:


thanks a lot. i will certainly do that.